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Divine friends of the Brasilia Retreat,


Last week, on september 13, a fire reached the Retreat and burnt a big area of the vegetation.


There were no victims nor any facilities were seriously damaged. However, the fire came close to the buildings and many areas of the cerrado native vegetation was burnt as can be seen in the pictures and videos.


We have experienced some fires along the years at the Retreat but this fire was bigger and has caused more damage than previous years. The Retreat has some firebreaks along its area but we are going to increase them. The firebreaks will help to decrease and prevent passage of fires in the future.


A budget was made to increase the area of the firebreaks that we already have and to build more around the Retreat area, which amounted to some thousands of REAIS (BRL or R$). Therefore, we started a financial campaign in order to keep the Retreat well-prepared to keep receiving monthly retreats and SRF monastic retreats which we have been doing since 2010.


We are thankful for your help whether by prayers or by donations.


Please contact us in case you have any questions.

In divine friendship,
Brasilia Retreat

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